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FAQ: Services


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Why would I shop with you instead of a bigger store?

Ordering balloons from me not only are you helping support my family, but I work with you on a personal level. I'm here to listen about your special day, so I can help guide you into making the best decision to fit your needs budget

Do you guarantee my balloons if I order from you?

No, balloons are too unpredictable, and many factors play apart in how long they will last. The only thing I can guarantee is I will do my best.

How long does helium balloons stay afloat?

I use Hi-float in every helium balloon I sell. Hi-float is a coating inside the balloon to slow down the helium from escaping the latex. Without Hi-float helium balloons normally last no more than 24 hours, but with Hi-float it can last up to 4 weeks in the right indoor air temperature conditions.

When should I put me order in?

Right away! I suggest as soon as you have a date set because your day might fill up that you are looking for. Another reason would be if you are looking for something in particular I need time to find the supplies.

I want to release balloons in the air to say goodbye to a loved one, will you help me with that?

I'm sorry to hear about your loved one, but I wont sell balloons to be released. Even though I sell balloons I feel that is can still be done in a manner to still protect the environment.

How are you handling Covid-19 to protect customers?

Like most business I am trying new things to make sure that we both stay safe. One way is no contact when picking up balloons or dropping them off.

Do you do balloons for outdoor events?

I do, but you have to understand that balloon start to oxidize as soon as I blow them up. With them being outside they deteriorate so much faster.  Balloon just don't hold up that well outside. Darker color absorb the sun, so I try and stay away from those colors.

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